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I’m Nicola and The Craft Studio is my little online shop where I share my passion for crafts, creativity and my love of colours and textures with all my visitors!

I started in 2014 with a shop and couple of classes at Hilltop Farm near Leamington. 

In April 2018 i upped sticks and moved to a brand new studio in Kineton (where I live!). January 2019 i am taking a new direction, have given up my physical shop and now sell my hand dyed yarn, hand spun art yarns, art batts and crafty items in my online shop as well as at events and fairs during the year


It's me!

We think it's so great i am able to pursue my passion as jon and will be attending many craft fairs and texile shows. 

My favourite thing to do is taking something as simple as a sheep fleece, dyeing it, spinning it and knitting or crocheting it into something totally unique.

 I am always learning, experimenting and pushing my creativity with new materials and techniques and I love sharing my enthusiasm with others in our workshops.


Hand dyed and spun art yarn

Dyed Wool Drying

Waiting for the dyed wool to dry...

Dog Maggie

My Girl Maggie

Meet company boss Maggie who is in charge of treat procurement and walks.

When she's not on company time, you'll find her snoozing in her blanket in the winter or hanging out at home with Wren the tortoise in the warmer months of the year.

In my spare time when I'm not in the studio I'm never far away from doing something creative.


You'll most likely find me in my garden looking after my brood of hens and growing loads of different flowers and vegetables that I share with my friends. Or you might spot me with my family at a classic car show where we take our lovingly restored old cars to meet other enthusiasts.

Inspiration for my next craft studio project is never too far away!


The Spinwheel-mobile!


My Other Girls

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